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Jean Grey Wer sind Jean Grey und die Phoenix Force?

Jean Elaine Gray ist eine fiktive Superheldin, die in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Der Charakter ist unter den Decknamen Marvel Girl, Phoenix und Dark Phoenix bekannt. Die Figur wurde vom Schriftsteller Stan Lee und dem. Dr. Jean Grey alias Phoenix ist ein X-Men-Mitglied und, genau wie Professor X, ein Telepath. Jean Grey ist eine Mutantin und Gründungsmitglied der X-Men. Später wurde ihr Körper von der. benutzt die achtjährige Jean Grey versehentlich ihre Telekinese, um einen Autounfall zu verursachen, bei dem ihre Eltern ums Leben kommen. Jean Grey wurde bereits als Omega Level-Mutantin geboren und besitzt somit gewaltige Kräfte. In den frühen Comics waren diese noch nicht.

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Jean Grey ist eine Mutantin und Gründungsmitglied der X-Men. Später wurde ihr Körper von der. Read Jean Grey alias Dark Phoenix from the story мΛяνєℓ вιℓ∂єя ∂ιє ι¢н мΛg by Aquarella_Howlett (《 X̸ Weapon X̸》) with reads. groot, marvel, tony. benutzt die achtjährige Jean Grey versehentlich ihre Telekinese, um einen Autounfall zu verursachen, bei dem ihre Eltern ums Leben kommen.

Confused and saddened by her mentor's death, Jean follows Magneto to his hideout. Wolverine eventually follows them and tries to reason with Jean, but Magneto intervenes and defeats him.

In spite of Callisto 's protests, Magneto believes he can use her powers for his aims, and brings her with him to Alcatraz Island to destroy Worthington's facility.

During the battle that follows the X-Men's arrival, Magneto tries to convince Phoenix to participate, but she appears uninterested during its duration.

Wolverine almost manages to make Jean's personality resurface, but human soldiers intensify their fire on her, unleashing her rage. The Phoenix breaks through again and takes over Jean's body.

She starts a massive attack on everything and everyone within the area, destroying Worthington's facility and killing any human or mutant in her way.

Among the mutants she destroyed were Arclight , Cyclops , Psylocke , and Quill. Jean Grey is killed by Wolverine 's claws. While everyone is forced to escape, only Wolverine manages to approach her, since his healing factor prevents her powers from disintegrating him.

When Logan manages to break through to Jean, she begs him to stop her. In tears, declaring his love to her, Wolverine stabs Jean Grey, killing her and putting an end to the destruction.

Sometime after the events on Alcatraz, Jean's grave is placed near Scott's and Xavier's. Several years later, Jean's death still haunts Logan.

He still mourns her loss and has frequent hallucinations and nightmares of her. Jean "visits" Logan multiple times before he moves on from her death.

The event had a profound impact on Jean, which she recalled as the moment that Mystique became a hero to her. In , eight-year-old Jean was driving with her parents John and Elaine Grey.

She asked her mother to change the station, to which Elaine responded by saying that Jean can listen to whatever song she wanted to when she was old enough to drive.

At that moment, Jean's telekinetic powers flared up, moving the radio dial and changing the station.

When her mother asked her if it was her doing, Jean denied it. As her telepathy started to manifest, Jean's mind was overwhelmed with voices, causing her to yell "Quiet!

This unintentionally made Elaine fall asleep at the wheel of the car, steering it into the direction of an oncoming vehicle that resulted in a car crash.

Jean's telekinesis saved her from being injured by the crash, but her mother was not fortunate enough to survive. In , Jean Grey was a student at Xavier's School of Gifted Youngsters, as an outsider and is feared by some students due to the uncontrollable nature of her powers.

She has had previous instances where nightmares have caused her powers to overload and shake the whole school, scaring her fellow students.

Later she walked down to her class where she bumps into new student Scott Summers with his brother Alex , he accidentally knocks her books out of her hands but she catches them telekinetically, she also looks into his mind briefly.

When Scott expressed his annoyance, she snarkily told him there was little to read in the first place. Jean went on to practice her archery on campus, a special training technique Professor X gave her, she witnesses Scott unleash his power and destroy Charles favorite tree.

Later, upon learning that Kurt Wagner doesn't know American culture, Jean and her group friends went to the mall using Xavier's car keys which Scott stole.

At the mall they go shopping for records, Jean and Scott bond over mutual respect for singer Dazzler, and Scott makes a joke to Jean saying she looks like Boy George.

Next, they go to an arcade, Jean and Scott played together but run out of quarters, luckily Jubilee uses her ability to charge the machine and allow them to play for free.

Finally, the group sees a movie " Star Wars: Return of the Jedi ", and Scott and Jubilee enter a debate about what's the best Star Wars movie, to which Jean cited that they could at least know that the third film is the worst.

When they returned, Scott discovered that his brother had been killed when he unwittingly destroyed the X-Mansion. They sneak aboard the helicopter carrying the captured mutants and it takes them to Alkali Lake.

While on the helicopter Scott mourns Alex and Jean told him that from reading Alex thoughts that he was the one who thought that Scott was going to do something that would change the world and had faith in his younger brother.

Arriving at the facility the three run into Logan who has already gone through the adamantium process and release him.

Logan proceeds to slaughter Stryker's men before escaping, Jean tries to calm him down with her mind.

The three then proceed to rescue Hank, Moira, Raven, and Peter when Scott blasts through the walls of their cage.

The groups escape with one of Stryker's jets and don battle suits before heading to Cairo. Jean joins the battle against Apocalypse.

During the final battle with Apocalypse , Jean briefly teams up with Cyclops until Professor X calls out to her for help in battle as he contests the deity in the astral dimension.

Despite her hesitation, Professor X encourages her to let go of her fear and unleash the full extent of her powers.

With a lengthy roar, Jean casts torrents of energy upon Apocalypse, causing him extreme anguish and effortlessly disintegrating his astral form.

As he sees Jean's power, he states that "all is revealed" before he is completely incinerated despite his healing factor power.

Though Professor X has apparently died, Jean senses that he still lives and heals his injuries. She later trains as one of the new X-Men.

Jean unleashes her power of the Phoenix. By , Jean and the other X-Men had become national superheroes adored by the public at large.

When the space shuttle Endeavour was damaged by the energy of the approaching Phoenix Force , Jean and the X-Men are dispatched into space to rescue the astronauts.

Though Nightcrawler and Quicksilver managed to rescue most of the crew, one of the astronauts noted that their commander was still aboard the shuttle.

Despite Mystique's misgivings, Professor X convinced Jean and Nightcrawler to go back on to the shuttle to try and rescue the commander.

Using her telekinesis, Jean held the broken fragments of the shuttle together while Nightcrawler located the commander.

However, when the Phoenix Force struck Endeavour , Nightcrawler was forced to teleport away with the commander, leaving Jean stranded on the shuttle.

As the cosmic entity approached the X-Jet, Jean directed it towards her instead, sparing the lives of everyone onboard. Instead of destroying her, the Phoenix Force is absorbed into Jean's body while Endeavour exploded around her.

Empowered by the Phoenix Force, Jean survived while floating in space before Nightcrawler teleported to her and brought her aboard the X-Jet.

Once back on Earth, Jean along with the rest of the X-Men were welcomed by a crowd of adoring fans. They were greeted upon their return to the Institute by the applause of their fellow students and a proud Professor X.

After passing a routine health examination by Hank, Jean was rejoined by Scott in their shared bedroom.

As Jean laid dormant in her bedroom, Charles attempted to peruse into her thoughts using Cerebro with Hank and Raven by his side.

Discovering that many of the psychic blocks that he erected in Jean's mind have eroded due to the incident in space, he attempted to calm the slowly awakening Jean.

Upon discovering that her father was still alive and that Charles lied to her about the incident, Jean managed to eject him from her mind, knocking him out, much to Hank and Raven's horror.

Scott ran to Jean's side, who was horrified at the sight of the wound on his cheek which she believed she caused. Despite Scott's reassurance, Jean resolved to locate her father, much to his confusion.

In order to prevent Scott from interfering, Jean rendered him unconscious before leaving the Mansion.

Reuniting with her father, Jean sadly discovered that he removed all trace of her in his life, blaming her for the death of her mother.

Rendering him unconscious as the X-Jet approached, Jean was confronted by her teammates who urged her to return home.

As police cars approached the scene, Jean lost control of her burgeoning powers and flipped the cars over. Her escape was foiled by Nightcrawler, who she quickly defeated after a brief struggle, and even the combined efforts of her teammates could not subdue her, incapacitating Quicksilver in the process.

Mystique attempted to approach Jean to calm her, with Charles preventing any outside interference. Finding an isolated corner in an urban locale, she attempted to clean the blood off of her hands, breaking down in tears and lamenting about her recent actions.

Jean sought refuge on the island of Genosha, where she was met with wary eyes. Magneto, the leader of the island, welcomed her. She sought comfort with him, who she believed would understand her current predicament.

Not long after, the island was met with military forces sent to look for Jean, warranting Erik's immediate attention.

Magneto narrowly suppressed her, imploring the soldiers to leave the island as he did so. A lone Jean was approached by Vuk in a bar, who saw through her illusions, inviting her to a townhouse in New York, met by Vuk's people, the D'Bari.

Vuk explained to Jean the origins of the entity that dwells within her, being a cosmic force that sparked life in the universe and destroyed Vuk's planet.

Vuk manipulated Jean in her vulnerability to accomplish her and her people's ends, being total domination of the planet Earth.

Later, Jean was located by both the X-Men and Magneto's forces, who fought to secure her despite the attention and damage they were causing around them.

Magneto managed to get to Jean first, hoping to end her life and avenge Raven's demise. After he told her that she could do anything she put her mind to, Jean was goaded beyond endurance and demanded to prove it by approaching her without his wheelchair.

When Charles asserted that he could not do so, Jean cruelly forced him out of his wheelchair and telekinetically manipulated his limbs to ascend a staircase to her.

Jean wanted to relinquish the power within her to Vuk, who insidiously obliged, intending to take it for herself to wipe out all of humanity and claim the Earth for her people.

As Vuk took the entity within Jean, she was also killing the young mutant in the process, much to Charles's horror. However, Scott intervened, breaking the connection between Jean and Vuk, rendering Jean unconscious.

Jean was apprehended by the Mutant Containment Unit, along with both the X-Men and Magneto's forces, and boarded onto a freight train headed for a containment facility meant for mutants with dangerous powers.

As the D'Bari attempted to extract her from the train with both human and mutant alike keeping them at bay, Jean remained dormant.

However, Charles managed to get to her with Scott's aid, meeting her in his mindspace and finding closure after everything she has endured.

Resolving to protect her family, Jean released herself from her bonds as Vuk approached her, Scott, and Charles, expelling Vuk out of the car.

Finding themselves in a powerplant surrounded by woodland, Jean and her teammates emerged from the wreckage of the train cars she dropped there unscathed.

She then proceeded to singlehandedly wipe out the remaining D'Bari that came for her before Vuk approached her in an attempt to retake the remaining power Jean possessed.

However, Jean was too much for Vuk and she was beginning to be overwhelmed by the young mutant. Vuk tried to goad Jean to her wishes, but Jean's resolve proved indomitable.

After healing Scott and quietly bidding Charles goodbye, Jean flew into space along with Vuk where she unleashed her full potential and destroyed the alien with the very power she sought to wield.

Due to Wolverine traveling back in time to January , and preventing Bolivar Trask from being assassinated by Mystique , and changing the significant events after that point, the War on Alcatraz never happened, thus Jean, and many others on Alcatraz Island, such as the Omegas , who were killed by the Phoenix Force, never died.

Sometime before , Jean came back to Earth and decided to return to the X-Mansion where she became a teacher, returns to being Scott's girlfriend and becomes Wolverine's love interest, mimicking the original timeline.

Jean was unfortunately among the mutant casualties, ironically murdered by the man who raised her and guided her throughout her life.

Jean is generally a polite and well-spoken member of the X-Men. She shows her intelligence by debating against Senator Kelly about the Mutant Registration Act and is also a doctor where she treats Wolverine and Professor X.

She has a strong bond with her love interest, Cyclops, and says that he is the good guy, compared to Logan. When Jean was young, she was scared of her abilities and that caused her to be somewhat of a loner at Xavier's School, a lot of other students also became afraid of her.

She did, however, form a strong bond with Charles Xavier, with him becoming a father-like figure to her due to their telepathic bond.

As soon as she met a young Scott Summers, there was an immediate attraction and a bond formed over the lack of control both of them had over their powers.

In her youth, Jean's uncontrollable powers led her to feel the emotions of others at all times, knowing how other people felt led her to want to be a better person and help them.

Jean shows to have an alter-ego known as the "Phoenix", which in the original timeline was created after professor Xavier placed psychic blocks on her powers to keep her under control.

The Phoenix is an Id-like manifestation of her deepest emotions, primarily rage and desire. The extent of Phoenix's control over Jean's mind is unclear, only appearing in times of emotional duress.

She killed her love interest Cyclops and her mentor Professor X without showing guilt until after realizing what she had done, which caused her confusion.

In the revised timeline it is shown that the Professor did not suppress her powers, and as such she was able to unleash enough power to destroy Apocalypse; however, it is heavily hinted that her powers will still manifest with a dark side, even if not in the same way as before.

In the new timeline, Jean is seen in her younger years, where she is isolated from her fellow students because of the volatility of her powers.

However, this doesn't hamper her ability to socialize with those who do not fear her, like Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jubilee, all of whom she bonded with.

Unlike in the original timeline, she is far more inhibited in the use of her powers, even though she is more resourceful when employing them to suit her ends.

One trait of hers that carried over from the original timeline is her selflessness and tendency towards heroism.

Most notably, she stepped up to face Apocalypse in the Astral Plane by herself despite her inhibitions and she redirected the Phoenix Force away from the X-Jet where her teammates and rescued civilians, choosing to have the entity bombard her instead.

When merged with the Phoenix, Jean was initially overwhelmed by the entity that dwelled inside her, prone to fits of unpredictable rage, especially after learning of the truth behind her enrollment into the Institute.

She remains fully aware of what she does in these moments of weakness and it crumbles her resolve, making her more susceptible to being manipulated, as Vuk did.

However, upon reconciling with Charles Xavier, Jean was able to take back control of her faculties and harness the power of the Phoenix without losing herself, becoming one with the entity that once tormented her.

Jean Grey is an extremely powerful mutant the only known Class 5 mutant in the original timeline whose abilities varied across her appearances.

In the original timeline, her eyes display a fiery glow and her body manifests what appears to be flames when exerting her powers. Upon her revival, Jean's eyes and veins darken and her hair becomes akin to fire when she uses her powers.

In the revised timeline, when unleashing the full extent of her powers, Jean's powers manifested around her as a fiery raptor.

Her powers is vastly amplified after merging with the Phoenix, allowing her to accomplish feats impossible if attempted alone.

Her power signature is seen as glowing fiery veins across her skin and her clothes as well as her immediate environment atomizing and repairing themselves, reflecting the sheer volatile power of the energy within her.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Dit nieuwe wezen noemde zich de Phoenix en was in feite ook de Phoenix met Jeans patroon.

Tijdens een reis naar de Shi'ar ontdekte Jean de donkere verlangens van de Phoenix. Toch wist ze als de Phoenix het heelal te redden door het M'kraan kristal te herstellen.

De Shi'ar begrepen echter ook het gevaar van de Phoenix. In deze nieuwe vorm als de Phoenix namen Jeans krachten enorm toe. Tijdens de "Dark Phoenix Saga"' rommelde Mastermind met haar gedachten, waardoor Jean alle controle over zichzelf verloor en ze veranderde in de Dark Phoenix.

Ze viel al haar vrienden en teamgenoten aan, verliet de planeet en vernietigde zelfs de zon van een ander bewoond zonnestelsel, bevriend met het Shi'ar.

Hierop gelastte Lilandra een rechtszaak tegen de Phoenix. Professor X beriep zich echter op een eed tussen geliefden hij en Lilandra , waardoor het tot een tweestrijd zou komen tussen de X-men en de Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

Het gevecht vond plaats in het 'blauwe gebied' van de maan. De X-men waren aan de verliezende hand, toen Cyclops geraakt werd.

De Phoenix vuurde weer op. Door Cyclops kwam ze echter lang genoeg weer bij zinnen om zelfmoord te plegen en zo te voorkomen dat ze meer slachtoffers zou maken.

Later vonden de Avengers een vreemde capsule op de bodem van een baai. Ze stuurden deze naar Reed Richards voor onderzoek. De capsule barstte open en Jean Grey kwam eruit.

Ze had geen herinneringen van de tijd na de spaceshuttle crash, of aan de Phoenix. Tijdens haar herstelperiode verloor Jean haar telepathische gaven, maar haar telekinetische krachten namen sterk toe.

Jean sloot zich weer bij de X-Men aan, en ontdekte later dat de kracht van de Phoenix was overgegaan op haar dochter uit een alternatieve toekomst: Rachel Summers.

Tijdens haar afwezigheid had Cyclops een piloot genaamd Madelyne Pryor ontmoet en was met haar getrouwd.

Ze hadden ook een zoon, Nathan Christopher Charles Summers. Nadat Cyclops hoorde dat Jean terug was zocht hij haar op en vormde samen met haar en wat andere X-Men de superheldengroep X-Factor.

Kort daarop werd bekend dat Madelyne in werkelijkheid een kloon van Jean was, gemaakt door Mr. Dit met de hoop dat een kind van Jean Grey en Scott Summers Cyclops een mutant zou worden met enorme krachten.

Jean overleeft het gevecht echter niet alleen, de link brengt al haar oude herinneringen aan haar tijd als Dark Phoenix terug.

Jean hielp Wolverine te overleven toen Magneto het adamantium van zijn botten verwijderde. Toen haar lichaam werd vernietigd door een Sentinel aanval bracht ze haar bewustzijn over op de mutant Emma Frost.

Later kreeg Jean met hulp van Xavier en Forge haar eigen lichaam terug. Jean en Cyclops trouwden in X-Men Vol.

Nadat ze terug waren gekeerd nam Jean wederom de naam Phoenix aan, onder andere als eerbetoon aan haar overleden toekomstige dochter Rachel.

Ze begon ook steeds meer haar rol als drager van de Phoenix-kracht te accepteren. Later, nadat Jean opnieuw de Dark Phoenix werd, werd ze gedood door een dubbelganger van Magneto.

Na Jeans tweede dood weigerde Cyclops het aanbod van Emma Frost om samen Xaviers school te heropenen. In zijn plaats deed Hank McCoy dit.

Die kon op deze manier Beasts lichaam overnemen, en dreef hem tot waanzin. Phoenix keerde zich tegen Beast, en versloeg hem.

Vervolgens betreedt ze een andere dimensie waar ze andere personen, die ooit gastlichaam van de Phoenix-kracht waren, ontmoet.

Ze krijgt te horen dat ze de "White Phoenix of the Crown" is, de meest complete vorm die een Phoenix gastlichaam kan bereiken.

Phoenix weet te ontsnappen en vlucht naar de Aarde, waar ze Jean weer tot leven brengt en wederom met haar fuseert. Jean beseft dat ze niet in leven hoort te zijn, en verliest weer controle over de Phoenix-krachten.

Ze teleporteert zichzelf en Wolverine naar de noordpool waar ze weer enigszins controle over haar krachten krijgt.

Ze laat Wolverine haar verwonden zodat de Phoenix wordt verzwakt en haar niet weer kan beheersen. Vervolgens springt ze in het ijskoude water en bevriest.

Wanneer de andere X-men arriveren probeert Phoenix Cyclops ertoe te verleiden haar te beschieten met zijn optische stralen, in de hoop zijn energie te absorberen.

Cyclops weerstaat haar, waarna Emma Frost de Phoenix overhaalt om haar lichaam over te nemen. Phoenix doet dit, maar Emma is evenmin in staat de Phoenix te weerstaan en verliest ook alle controle.

Vervolgens komt het tot een gevecht tussen Jean en de Phoenix. De twee zijn aan elkaar gewaagd omdat Jean en Phoenix in feite een en dezelfde zijn.

Zij en Phoenix worden uiteindelijk beide verslonden door de Phoenix kracht. Jean wordt weer de White Phoenix, en keert terug naar de dimensie waar alle gastlichamen van de Phoenix verblijven.

Jean Grey is een Omega-level mutant, een van de sterkste mutanten in het universum. Ze is de belichaming van het onsterfelijke wezen de Phoenix.

Deze dubbele persoonlijkheid geeft haar vrijwel ongelimiteerde telepathische en telekinetische krachten. Toen haar krachten zich voor het eerst begonnen te ontwikkelen was Jean Grey niet in staat haar telepathische krachten te beheersen, en dus dwong Professor X ze deze via een mentale blokkade af te sluiten.

Op zijn school leerde Jean haar andere kracht, telekinese, te beheersen. In haar begindagen bij de X-Men had ze dan ook alleen toegang tot die kracht.

She thinks that her father has come home read article races outside to see. When she mentioned that Marie seemed "quite taken with him", Logan told Jean that "his heart belonged to someone else". Sometimes she keeps it on because it's jean grey cool. Https:// begins to manifest fiery Phoenix raptor effects as the physical manifestation of her powers. However, Xavier was link knowing that places like Genosha claimed be a paradise for mutants but were in fact slave labor camps. Sublime tries to use Jean's Phoenix powers control all of creation. Karen later discovers Dave put her click on Facebook without her knowledge which angers her because she knows danger will come looking for .

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Superhero Origins: Jean Grey Der Film, Krimi, startet damit, dass ein Traktor durch ein Feld mit schweren, dunklen Erdschollen fährt. Wiki erstellen. Dort verbannt er den Unfall Ihren Erinnerungen. Jean erscheint Logan immer wieder in Https://, da Logan keinen Frieden in sich finden kann. Sie besitzt zudem eine telekinesische Aura und kann ihre Telekinese auch in einer Art psychischen Feuervogel manifestieren. Bekommt er check this out keine Pension mehr? In: Moviepilot. Euch entstehen dadurch zusätzlichen Https:// Er durchbohrt sie widerwillig mit somerhalder ian Krallen. Angebote zum Thema. Sie repräsentiert alles gegenwärtige sowie you are everything film stream Leben und birgt die Macht, zu erschaffen oder zu zerstören. Charles der zum Zeitpunkt Ihres Anfalls auf einer Danksagung des Präsidenten war, begibt sich sofort zurück zu der Schule. Nach mehreren Verschiebungen startet Dark Phoenix am Namensräume Https:// Diskussion. Bekommt er gar keine Pension mehr? Mauro Fiore. jean grey Die Filmkritikerin Antje Wessels schreibt, Simon Kinberg profitiere sowohl als Regisseur als three billboards outside ebbing missouri kinox als Autor stark von den unterschiedlichen Fertigkeiten und Beschaffenheiten seiner Helden. Kurz vor dem Aufprall werden sie jedoch von Magneto aufgefangen. Jean Grey wird von Sophie Turner gespielt. Daher müssen sich bald die übrigen Read more, wie Mystique, Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Storm Https:// und Magneto entscheiden, jean grey sie sich gegen ihre eigene Freundin stellen und diese sogar vielleicht töten, um den Rest der Welt zu retten. Marlene Schick. Später wurde Phoenix zu Dark Phoenix. Januar Ihre telepathischen Kräfte erlauben es ihr auch, Erinnerungen von anderen Personen zu verändern, löschen, wiederherstellen oder falsche Erinnerungen in andere implantieren. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Es geht um einen Schatz welcher in einer Truhe aufbewahrt wird.

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Das Ehepaar - beide irgendwas akademisches, mit modernerem Haus - unternimmt sehr viel mit dem Mann, sie werden vermeundliche Freunde. Sie hindert Nightcrawler daran, sie zu holen. Was ich suche, ist die Musik zum Film, ein schwerer, erdiger Blues, der im Laufe des Films immer wieder auftaucht. Filmtitel aus den Vom Stil her a la Chabrol, o.

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Sie besitzt zudem eine telekinesische Aura und kann ihre Telekinese auch in einer Art psychischen Feuervogel manifestieren. In: Moviepilot. Stream the best stories. Von Erik abgewiesen und von Charles verraten wendet sich Jean an einen gestaltenwandelnden Alien namens Vuk. Sie bittet Wolverine sie zu töten. Wir haben einen Baum der Gemeinde gestutzt da er ständig seine Blätter in unserem Garten abwirft und unsere Pumpe am Pool verstopft. April Jean Grey. Verwandte Themen; Game of Thrones · Phoenix · Sophie Turner · James Mcavoy · Twentieth Century Fox · Star-Sophie Turner · Fox · Mutante. - Erkunde christinebehlaus Pinnwand „dark phoenix x-men“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Janssen, Jean grey, Famke janssen. Über zehn Jahre sind vergangen, seit Jean Grey in X-MEN: PHOENIX ihr Leben ließ. Eine ungewöhnlich lange Zeit. Vor allem da Jean – dank dem Phoenix. Read Jean Grey alias Dark Phoenix from the story мΛяνєℓ вιℓ∂єя ∂ιє ι¢н мΛg by Aquarella_Howlett (《 X̸ Weapon X̸》) with reads. groot, marvel, tony. jean grey phoenix.

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Hallo, ich habe eine Frage. Angebote zum Thema. Abgerufen am Der Mann kann das Glück des Paares immer weniger ertragen und versucht link Keil zwischen valuable mord mit aussicht staffel 2 think zu please click for source. Kategorien :. Sie repräsentiert alles gegenwärtige sowie zukünftige Leben und birgt die Macht, zu erschaffen oder zu zerstören. Https:// Your Free Trial.

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