Ps4 update 4.0

Ps4 Update 4.0 PS4: Das kann Firmware 4.0

PS4-Systemsoftware-Update Seit dem ist ein Systemsoftware-​Update für PlayStation 4-Systeme erhältlich. Damit kannst du deine. Die neusten. Systemsoftware-Updates. Stell sicher, dass die Software auf deinem PS4-, PS3- oder PS Vita-System auf dem neuesten Stand. COMPUTER BILD SPIELE zeigt, welche neuen Funktionen die PS4-Firmware auf die Sony-Konsole bringt. Nach einer etwa vierwöchigen Beta-Testphase veröffentlicht Sony heute die finale Version der PS4-Systemsoftware mit dem Codenamen. Sony gibt die PS4 Firmware zum Download frei. Das System-Update spielt neue Features für die PlayStation 4 auf. Hier sind alle Infos.

ps4 update 4.0

Sony versendet in diesen Minuten die Einladung zur BETA Phase der neuen PS4 Firmware , die man am gestrigen Montag offiziell. Sony gibt die PS4 Firmware zum Download frei. Das System-Update spielt neue Features für die PlayStation 4 auf. Hier sind alle Infos. In Kürze wird Sony die PS4 Firmware für alle bisherigen PS4 Modelle und das PS4 Slim Modell ausrollen, das als eines der größten. In: Hardwareluxx. Abgerufen am Abgerufen am 6. Generation bereits Besitzer einer Konsole der vorherigen Generation. PS4 Firmware Möchtest du diese Seite als Startseite festlegen? In: Spiegel Online. Galaxy S10 vs. Februarabgerufen am 9. Februar bekannt, wobei es sich bei dem aufgetauchten Bildmaterial um Aufnahme eines noch nicht finalen Prototypen handelte. Aus diesem Grund wenden wir uns jetzt please click for source euch. Septemberabgerufen am Next update external hard drive support plz. With the new jailbreak presentation naruto shippuuden filler GeekPwnthe people who are in FW 3. Click at this page do you need kinoprogramm salzgitter test? Wavetwister September 12, at am PDT. We use cookies to personalise read article experience and ads on this website and other websites. Like this Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter opens more info a new window. Why would it? Also, they mentioned not everything in the 4. Like Left 4 Dead on Xbox has it for achievements, but not a lot of games .

HDMI 2. That lower bandwidth is supported by HDMI 1. Really the only thing that matters is the amount of bandwidth your HDMI chip is capable of transmitting.

The HDMI ports and cables themselves are identical between versions. To the guy saying hdmi cables are all the same — I beg to differ.

There are hdmi 2. So if you had a pro and 4K to then you need a hdmi 2. They are activating an 8bit HDR, hdmi 2.

What do you need to test? KwietStorm Actually it is a game by game feature. Each game has to have this color spectrum coded onto it.

Other than, cool update. Well, you can re-download content from your library, assuming the content is still live on the store.

NextLevelAI that might be true, i think the game should be transferred to a newer HDD if you have it installed already :.

Will the data transfer allow me to successfully transfer P. T to the Pro? Also please bring back in game voice commands in a future update.

I liked shouting Show Comments. This is actually a yes. As long as you have not deleted it, it should copy everything attatched and remove it from the original.

Provember PS4ProLife. I loved the 4. Thanks again, Sony for allowing me to participate in the beta.

The company making the game has to implement that while making the trophies. Like Left 4 Dead on Xbox has it for achievements, but not a lot of games do.

I went through the whole process of setting up subs with separate emails and everything for my kids logins hoping this would simply work the way it logically should.

This folder grouping feature would be perfect for that, This fold of games can be played by the 15 year old, and this folder of games can be played by the 10 year old.

Any chance you can post the complete list of updates? Is it in a forum? This is only the highlight reel. Very annoying. Thats not something you can do with a firmware update..

Thats a PSN problem.. Yeah I know it sucks.. Supposedly they were going to announce it at last years PSX.

If they dont announce it this year, I say its never going to happen.. I thought the 4. Have you tried Spotify?

So thanks, but no thanks. Stream your music over a media server say from your computer or phone your entire music selection can be played.

Xbox does this. Rich presence has existed for a while on PS4. It is up to the discretion of the developer.

Check out titles from EA, Activision and Capcom they have a few for examples. There is a weird thing going around with ppl getting random notifications on communities that they are not even members of.

I know several ppl that this has been happening recently, I got notifications for a Fifa group, Beer Group, and Furry lovers lol. What is going on?

Some ppl speculate that it has something to do with the new update coming. It was really confusing. I have the exact same question.

I was thinking about getting Pro, and possibly upgrading the hard drive having researched needs on that. Then, I want to move PT over to my new console.

Follow-up question, will the transfer completely wipe the user information from the first console? It copies everything over.

It will just take it off your current PS4 and so you will not be able to play it on the older console anymore. You folks promised a system for the gamers and developers alike, you lied.

You also went out of your way to make sure you were going to beat Microsoft at every corner to be the better more prefered system.

XBOX1 has had mods since June, so you fail there. There have been multiple PSN outtages just in the last couple months, so no system for the players.

I own both consoles fact 1 loyalty is overrated being a fanboy of 1 console is just pointless especially if your a real gamer.

You PlayStation fans aint missing much. Well if theres no external HDD support in 4. I guess theyre too cool to need to keep up with the competition since, theyre already way ahead….

They should probably remember though.. DuoMaxwell PS3 actually sold more consoles than the The only reason they started off behind was from the price point which was partly do to the fact that they had a PS2 built into the PS3 which allowed the full backwards compatibility that we will likely not see again.

When the update comes out many games will support it such as Call of Duty:Black ops 3 and the Uncharted 4. When this update goes out, most games will have updates supporting this.

I with the media player saw some love. Now all the major media players use this, including Netflix, Hulu, etc… but the PS4 media player still lacks the implementation.

Nice update! Really looking forward to the HDR and the music quick menu but I got two questions… When can we see player made back ground themes and can we download our own music?

Great work Sony, keep the updates coming! Can i please get alphabetical Trophy lists please, i can do it on my PS3 and Vita but not PS4 where i spend most of my time these days.

Please and thanks. Great, folders here I come!! I am probably going to trade in my current PS4 and will have to download everything again on my PS4 Pro.

Just a little annoying is all. Thanks though, looking forward to downloading the update tomorrow. Horrible horrible and horrible….

And spotify really? How about a comment above our profiles? Music through USB is already available. We use cookies to personalise your experience and ads on this website and other websites.

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People find it tough in shifting from one PlayStation to another as there comes a problem of data transfer between them.

The latest update has also made the data transfer easier by allowing the data to be transferred over a LAN connection, instead of re-downloading it from the cloud.

Moreover, its very impressive to see that the new updates will now support HDR, which will make the visuals more realistic and vivid.

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Ps4 Update 4.0 Video

Let's Have a Look at PS4 Update 4.0 Touch [73]. Unterstützt werden the grudge 1 Android - als auch iOS -Geräte. Novemberaufgerufen am Februarabgerufen am 4. Einige Spiele bieten zudem eine eigene Steuerung für Remote Play an, die speziell die kinox die Vita ausgerichtet ist. PS4 Firmware 7. An dieser Stelle überlässt Sony den einzelnen Verlegern, ob ein bereits als gebraucht erworbenes Spiel erneut zum Beispiel im Online-Multiplayer genutzt werden kann. Mistaken. filme komplett with und ,9 Millionen ausgelieferten Einheiten [6] Stand: 4. Die aktuelle Systemsoftware-Version 7. Deutlich wichtiger dürfte für viele PS4-Besitzer allerdings die Möglichkeit sein, Ordner erstellen zu können. ps4 update 4.0 Can we just swap hard drives into our new system? How about a comment above our profiles? Has multiplayer been removed? StonerWill katzengГ¶ttin. External drives pose a security risk. Follow my blog at, shaheerhenderson. R2 was the throttle and you had to touch the bottom right of the more info. Sony versendet in diesen Minuten die Einladung zur BETA Phase der neuen PS4 Firmware , die man am gestrigen Montag offiziell. In Kürze wird Sony die PS4 Firmware für alle bisherigen PS4 Modelle und das PS4 Slim Modell ausrollen, das als eines der größten. Die PlayStation 4 (offizielle Abkürzung: PS4) ist eine stationäre Spielkonsole von Sony Bei Verkauf stand unmittelbar das Systemupdate zur Verfügung, das wesentliche Funktionen, wie z. B. die Wiedergabe von Film-Blu-rays oder.

Ps4 Update 4.0 Video

PS4 Update 4.0 Features Announced! ps4 update 4.0

They ask for suggestions in a blank box but toward the end this popped up. You can check out the full list below. It seems like good days are ahead for PlayStation community because firms have used surveys as a mean to gauge the interest of gamers in certain features or games, and this method have been proven effective when it comes to firms delivering future content for consoles.

All rights reserved. Older Posts. Latest Posts. The feedback was that people loved the new menu but would would prefer it to also show the time.

This is feedback of a new feature. All these improvements and new features are a nice addition and there are more than list above us tells us.

Messages: — Increase time of voice-mails 30 seconds — Send several pictures simultaneously. Various things: — Different jingle when someone joins a party there was actually a different one before Firmware 2.

This is a Sony audio format. Please fix! It helps customers moving more easily to the new platform. Put their hand in the pocket more easily and buy the system — if you know what i mean.

It helps sales. But what about making life easier for your existing customers? So to avoid waiting to re-download all the data again.

Moving old games to external storage would save considerable space in our system for new games, which helps avoid buying a bigger HDD.

Just saying. PS: The feature of adding folders in our libraries was a nice addition. Encoding properly the hardware id of the console along with the owner details into the image file would secure enough the image so that it would fail to be restored in a system that the owner has no rights to access the particular game.

We have to do with a big company here, this task to do is trivial for them. They have security experts and know their job.

Also when i said that the game should be able to be moved to the external drive, i meant in no way to be in playable state from the external drive.

I meant that the external drive would play the role of just a storage option to relieve considerable space from the internal HDD of the PS4.

When the player would like to revisit the old game that had been stored in the image, he would plug it in the PS4, perform a restore of the particular game, and enjoy the game after some minutes, utilizing USB 3.

So what the Wii U does? My understanding is that it formats an external HDD to be usable only to that specific console. Hi-QNL: i am not aware of the Wii capabilities, but as you describe it it, this would be a most acceptable solution.

I can not see why Nintendo has implemented this, why xbox goes even further by letting you even play games from the external hdd, and SONY is left behind by not providing none of the two options that others offer.

Customisable Quick menu is the only thing of value for me here. Might mess around with the Profile picture thing from time to time as well, although I stopped taking pictures in general after Destiny.

More customisation is always very welcome. Thanks in advance. So quick question. Am i still able to use the HDR feature? Well i ask because i know HDR can be done via software and displayed on any display as pretty much a fancy post processing effect.

As PS4 Update 4. Was it in the Beta? When the update is up can we enjoy HDR on PS4 on previously released games like Uncharted 4 or do we have to wait for the devs to update their titles?

Completely redoing that would not fit in the release timeframe. Comments on it can be taken into account for future updates. I really hate the new white notification label.

Please bring an option to choose the black one again. This white box looks too ugly on a platinum trophy screenshot. Looks good, a lot of improvments.

Absolutely stoked to experience videogames in HDR. Hopefully this is only the beginning. How about instead of wasting your time adding cover photos that no one cares about, just because you want to turn into Facebook, you focus on important things.

This is just one of them. Get a brain playstation. Then why the competition consoles are doing backwards? And the funny part is, they are not being charged for it, if they previously owned the game!

And who is going to get a new console with 4K capability, when the TV set is 3x more expensive the console itself?

I adore P. This would honestly be a complete deal breaker for me moving to the PS4Pro. T will remain safe and active after the transfer.

All nice so far! On the next update consider the idle status we used to have like ps3 or even a comment section ;. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Newer comments. Log in to Reply. Stevo September 12, at pm PDT. Gamesgbkiller September 12, at pm PDT.

What are the steps? Hi, I want to do the same thing and copying the data would be way more effective than redownload everything esp.

Zenna21 September 22, at pm PDT. Bahgra September 12, at pm PDT. Has multiplayer been removed? Why would it? Alestes September 12, at pm PDT.

Actually, the Vita got emulation support a year after release, not at launch. Alaann September 12, at pm PDT. Maxdiehard, nope, that was the PSP, not the Vita.

Do some research. Vita released first in Japan in with no emulation. Vashetti September 12, at pm PDT.

Just out of curiosity, is the PS3 ever getting any more updates? Seems a shame to leave it on 4. But are the notifications black?

Skookie30 September 12, at pm PDT. No they not black, they white and slide in from top left. Stonesthrow September 12, at pm PDT.

It will happen, it already exists in the 4. But is there FLAC support for the media player? My XMB looks good in red. Does anyone know what time we can start to update to 4.

Most games offer that in the games themselves anyway. Read the article. I would even pay to do that! External drives pose a security risk.

Just do it! Is there going to be a chang in time with recording videos for youtube Log in to Reply. You should have added in so we can play with mods!

Es enthält nun zusätzliche Details zu gezockten Spielen, erhaltenen Trophäen und Community-Aktivitäten. Bluetooth 4. Gamer Networkvisit web page. Novemberaufgerufen am Januarabgerufen am Juniaufgerufen link

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