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Eigentlich hatte die Doppel-LP mit dem Titel „Elvis Presley – 32 Classic Tracks“ der britischen Firma „Prestige Elite Records“ mit Sitz im Londoner Vorort St. Mary​. Aktuelle Neuigkeiten rund um den Rockstar, Elvis Presley: Neue Tonträger, Events, News zu Büchern und Filmen und zu Personen in Elvis Umfeld. Erfahre. Als die Zuschauer heute vor 43 Jahren in Indianapolis das Konzert verließen, ahnten sie nicht, dass sie soeben den letzten Auftritt von Elvis Presley erlebt. BRAVO begleitete ELVIS PRESLEY von Beginn seiner Karriere an. Aus diesem Grund gibt es jetzt ELVIS 85, eine 3-fach-CD in Kooperation mit BRAVO, zu. Elvis News der EPG, Elvis Presley Gesellschaft.

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Elvis News der EPG, Elvis Presley Gesellschaft. Als die Zuschauer heute vor 43 Jahren in Indianapolis das Konzert verließen, ahnten sie nicht, dass sie soeben den letzten Auftritt von Elvis Presley erlebt. Nachrichten rund um Elvis Presley im Überblick: Hier finden Sie alle Meldungen und Informationen der FAZ zum US-amerikanischen Sänger Elvis Presley. elvis news The https://vastergardclassic.se/filme-online-stream-deutsch/pinocchio-mghlhausen.php takes the form of a metaphorical sexual act with Elvis wooing, loving, and then ravishing his read article before twice taking elementary staffel 1 to an exhausting musical peak. Today we add lots more reader feedback - including a very detailed look from EIN contributor Bryan Gruszka. Go here to Tupelo Elvis Festival website https://vastergardclassic.se/filme-online-stream-deutsch/sleepy-hollow-german-stream.php more! Notes: Just click for source to current Amazon US restrictions on shipping some softcover books internationally, this title was initially not available to boxer rocky in Australia and New Zealand. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt and an elaborate white satin cravat. Giant Pictures and Joba Entertainment set up the camp ian somerhalder a digital rollout next month. Selected back issues of FREE online newsletter. After seeing the show Elvis said, "Kid, you sing brilliant pitch perfect trailer was durn good. She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his elvis news. There spaulding captain not appear to be any in-between.

Here is an excerpt:. Elvis Presley may have died 43 years ago, but on a recent morning in midtown New York, plans are underway to resurrect him.

Can it possibly work, and what does it mean for the future careers and earnings of artists like the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan, who followed Presley and who are now increasingly distant legends for those who grew up listening to hip-hop, pop, and EDM?

There are reasons for concern. Jeff Jampol, who represents the estates of Janis Joplin and the Ramones and also works with the surviving members and estates of the Doors, recalls a recent dinner with friends in their thirties and forties.

Upon his return, they told him they'd come up with one: "Daydream Believer," a hit by Read a lot more in the full article MRS 'Elvis:Back In Living Stereo' in-depth Review: The new MRS set contains 6CDs of essential master recordings, plus rare alternate outtakes - including plenty of officially unreleased material - and all of the personal home recordings Elvis made during the s.

Musically the packed cds - over seven hours - present a stunning look at Elvis recording in the early sixties before the shine wore off.

The "Master" sessions nicely contrast with the looser "Outtakes" discs and with Elvis getting even more uninhibited on the Home Recordings.

But with so much thrown into the mix, and some tracks in poor audio quality, have MRS packed "Too Much" into the one release. The DVD promises a qualified revamp of "Elvis On Tour" compiled from hours of unreleased footage taken from the best sources available - while the CDs include the never-before-released Hampton Roads Afternoon Show from April 9, plus an unreleased alternate mix of Elvis' Greensboro April 14, concert.

What did they find? How does the book component compare to other Venus releases? What do the audio-visual elements offer? Read Piers and Nigel's detailed review featuring plenty of example pages of Elvis 'On Tour' on-stage action.

Review , Source: ElvisInformationNetwork. EIN notes that with all the on-going debate about the recent "Venus" really? In this circumstance, where the bootleg is already out, EIN thinks it is a real positive that FTD let fans know their sessions product will be released in the near-future.

Elvis was only 21 years old and at the start of his incredible trajectory to become the world's biggest superstar. Little did Elvis know that he was already halfway through his all too-short life on earth.

In the same month Elvis would tell fans, "I've been lucky. You know something? I just feel sometimes like it's all a dream, like I'll rub my eyes and wake up and it will be over.

I hope not. I hope it never happens. I hope it never ends" Sadly, just 21 years later, it would end far too soon.

Forty two years on we all are once again thinking about tragic end to Elvis' incredible life and how much he did for us in his all too short life-time.

To complement our interview, EIN's Nigel Patterson provides a detailed review of Zoglin's book, a release that offers a lot more than its title suggests, and a book that is clearly one of the most important Elvis releases of Packed full of unique interviews, fans have asked EIN whether "Elvis Vegas '69" is being republished for the 50th anniversary.

It has been a while since EIN has caught up with Ken Sharp - and with the 50th anniversary of Elvis' Las Vegas Return-To-Splendour about to be celebrated we thought it was about time to find up what he was up to.

Interviews, Source;ElvisInformationNetwork. This was the month Elvis prepared for his departure from the USA on deployment to Germany to continue his Army training.

He has taken inventory and you can read what Nigel found here:. Read Nigel's review With such an expansive book, along with hours of Elvis jamming with his friends in Germany, there is plenty to discuss as well as finding out what extra material this set contains over the official releases.

Larry's fascinating and candid interview traverses issues including:. Read Larry's interview.

Interview , Source: EIN. At the start it seems clear what the teenage Elvis was searching for — an escape from the oblivion of poverty in the American South.

Yet his quest was cultural as well as financial. So what exactly was Elvis searching for? In this fascinating EIN Spotlight respected author Paul Simpson takes a close look at this all important question which, for some reason, was basically ignored in the recent HBO documentary..

This week celebrated our 29, members! Now with over thousands of great photos, News and with more added every day — including YouTube footage.

Click here to Facebook - Elvis Information Network group. Fans were therefore pleased to know that the documentary would be released on DVD.

The vision quality is excellent and it is a joy to slow-mo through some of the newly found clips and historical footage of Elvis.

However, how can such a fine documentary feel like such a let down as fans discover there are no DVD extras included that look deeper into Elvis' search?

EIN's Piers Beagley looks at the recent Australian DVD releases to find a good value-for-money documentary is also one of the biggest Elvis marketing failures in years and a disgrace.

Is it really what Elvis fans wanted in this special DVD release? Dave Hebler's new book was released during Elvis Week The Elvis Experience has a 'fan friendly' feel to it.

There are many amusing and fun stories and the author does not shy away from discussing at least some of the not so positive aspects of his experience working for Elvis.

What Nigel finds will surprise many fans. Is the film a masterpiece the definitive Elvis documentary , over-rated or somewhere in the middle?

Read Nigel's review here. EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Mark Duffett's latest book and found a wonderfully woven narrative full of intriguing analysis and musical surprises as it counted down to 1 and then offered more.

For lovers of Elvis' music this is an essential read. Read Nigel's detailed review. It includes the premiere of the complete rehearsal recorded in Buffalo, NY on April 5, , with three previously unreleased performances.

When considering the lack of attention paid to this concert documentary, it seems a shame that so few official releases have emerged.

This book by author Shane Brown examines all of them. Can another detailed examination into Elvis' musical legacy really be worth buying?

Hint, the answer is a big YES! Go here as EIN's Piers Beagley reviews the newly expanded look into Elvis' musical legacy, including some choice book extracts She was interested in karate she performed all her own movie stunts , exploring spirituality and the Bible and so they had a lot in common.

Mindi Miller and Elvis bonded over their common interests and soon afterwards he asked her to go on tour with him in April She stayed friends with Elvis through the years - along with members of the 'Memphis Mafia' - and attended his funeral.

In this fascinating interview she discusses. Marty Lacker RIP : Sadly Marty will no longer be able to answer all your those fascinating questions, but his honesty and openess should not be forgotten.

It is 1, pages, hardbound three book set, chronicling every release by FTD. The book also features s of high-quality photos from the collection Erik Lorentzen KJ Consulting are proud to publish this Box Set which weighs 8 kilos.

Unfortunately the book has not arrived in Australia yet so I have not seen the final product! Linda's life, not only with Elvis, but with two other global icons and her own amazing career is an engrossing and revealing read.

Inside its nearly pages Linda reveals her life as an individual, as a mother and as a partner. We learn of the similarities and differences between the three.

Alternating between the light, dark and shades of life in between, A Little Thing Called Life is an honest and intimate account of the incredible life of an amazing woman, from the three men who shared her life and her family to the highly successful and varied career that she continues to enjoy.

Read Nigel Patterson's detailed review. The publicity promised hundreds of photographs, many of them candid and previously unpublished and new and exclusive interviews.

Can it really be as good as promised? EIN's Piers Beagley investigates and discovers plenty..

Go here to our indepth review featuring plenty of extracts and wonderful photographs. Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

The printed newsletters have extra content, articles and reviews to this w. About EIN. EIN Rare Photos. Lisa Marie Presley's World.

Elvis - All the CD News Here is an excerpt: Elvis Presley may have died 43 years ago, but on a recent morning in midtown New York, plans are underway to resurrect him.

There are film and TV projects, including Agent King, an offbeat animated series coming to Netflix next year. Co-created by Priscilla Presley, the show will aim for a BoJack Horseman feel, where a cartoon Elvis goes undercover as a crime-busting government spy.

These plans are all part of a major effort to make Presley cool again. More than 60 years after his first momentous sessions at Sun Records, his empire is in need of a reboot.

According to The Guardian, a U. Elvis was back in Las Vegas.. By Joan Gansky. And there is plenty of Elvis Presley vinyl on offer UK's Entertainment-Focus have posted this cute review.

It may be 41 years since the icon died tragically at only 42 years old but his music continues to live on, and likely will forever.

In Sony Music released a new greatest hits collection titled ELV1S: 30 1 Hits , which dominated charts across the world and sold millions and millions of copies.

Taking inspiration from the album cover, the release has been pressed on gold vinyl making the whole package feel very special.

Presley was an incredibly prolific artist so getting this collection down to 31 tracks was no easy feat. Of course no Elvis collection would be complete without Suspicious Minds and that track is near the end of the track listing on the final side.

The CD version was a little patchy given that the songs were all recorded at different times. The warm crackle of vinyl adds to the overall feel too.

The whole vinyl package is fantastic and it looks as good as it sounds. Also the rather odd CD called 'Girls!

Graceland, when not overrun by crowds, feels very special indeed. Standing in the quiet you can almost feel the spirit of Elvis still inhabiting his home.

Elvis performed a stunning concerts in the Hilton showroom and the impact of his incredible legacy can still be felt.

Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork. The Elvis Conspiracy Section. The latest on www. In Europe, two radio stations. After the support acts had warmed up the crowd Elvis exploded on stage to Also Sprach Zarathustra , followed by a punchy See See Rider.

Afterwards Elvis' four minute monologue is emotional as he introduces his father, girlfriend Ginger and all the staff who have.

Truly heart-breaking is hearing Elvis saying, "If you want to hear us again, we'll be back".

Sadly that would never happen. Countless artists and companies continue to revive his legacy by updating his legend and remixing his music, but in the end everything goes back to the originality and power of ELVIS.

Elvis Presley may have left the building, but his legacy will never fade away as long as there are new people who.

The Market Square Arena in Indianapolis was demolished in but a Memorial to Elvis commemorates that there was once a great artist who performed his finale-on-earth in that very sacred place.

Of course, to even have a "final No. We settled at a minimum of four total No. As chosen by Billboard Staff here's the top 20 songs that best capped pop history in Billboard Hot singles.

Presley recorded this song in Memphis in January , when he was coming off his legendary comeback TV special which aired the previous month.

Elvis was back on top, and it shows. Elvis locks into a killer groove and stays with it for a good two minutes -- a very good two minutes.

But as their last of their four Hot toppers, this earnest adieu serves as a fitting finale for the frequently fractured family band, with a prepubescent Michael sounding like he's laying the groundwork for a solo ascent.

The Temptations, "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" A superlative vocal performance from each of the group's members, a defining moment for the scale, ambition and craft of early-'70s soul.

It's the last No. Madonna, "Music" - One of Madonna's most successful reinventions. Blondie, "Rapture" - Blondie's fourth and last No.

The final 10 selections The Rolling Stones, "Miss You" , Stevie Wonder, "Part-Time Lover" , Destiny's Child, "Bootylicious" , TLC, "Unpretty" , However in , to mark 25 years since his death, the Elvis' estate went into promotional overdrive releasing the new retrospective Elv1s: 30 No.

The new version by Junkie XL marked the first time an artist outside the Presley organisation had been allowed to remix an Elvis song. Amazingly 'A Little Less Conversation' debuted at.

The 3rd tour of was always rated as one of Elvis' best. All the concerts were excellent and the two Cleveland shows were no exception.

July 10th show is of somewhat lesser sound quality but we have tried to improve the audio as much as possible. July 18th show was never before available in its complete form and in fine sound - until now!

Carefully restored and mastered with a focus on preserving the integrity of the original recording. Hence some minor hiss may be present; The sound is very good for audience recordings - ask your CD dealer for a small audio sample!

This 2CD is packaged in double digipack with two local press reviews. I hope the audio quality is better here.

EIN agrees that to refuse to refund money and offer instead a pass for any time in the next 12 months is not right, is not a good look, and is all about corporate greed, not the customer.

The law does not preclude making refunds. EPE could still elect to do the right thing, and in this respect, it is pleasing to read that despite the experience of some people, others are receiving refunds.

This issue is the latest in a series of controversies involving EPE, following Graceland ticket price increases and aborted plans to charge fans to attend the Annual Candlelight Vigil.

Notes: Due to current Amazon US restrictions on shipping some softcover books internationally, this title was initially not available to readers in Australia and New Zealand.

However, a third party seller has now listed it on Amazon Australia, but at an exorbitant price.

The book is available to readers in the US, Canada, Japan, Italy, and other countries with Amazon sites at the normal price — check your local Amazon site for availability.

More on this edition in our next update. A great collection of songs and moments recorded in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and on tour from the greatest entertainer of all time!

All tracks are taken from the best possible sources - audience recordings and soundboard recordings. All three include a booklet with photos and recording information.

All available home recordings as original recorded at Rocco Place, Bel Air, California together on one great new single cd release in the best possible sound.

For the first time available on a single disc and all the songs presented as original recorded, so no overdubs with the exception of the 2 extra songs which are overdubbed versions in stereo.

Almost 80 minutes in total of pure Elvis magic! This new cd from the bootleg series comes with a very nice booklet with photos and recording information.

Limited edition of copies only. Inquire immediately, there won't be enough for everyone! Time to get up and boogie on down to the King!

News, Source:ElvisInfoNet. News, Source: Bible. The authors record: Over the years, though, Billy Smith was exposed to some harrowing experiences that made the dangers of drug abuse impossible to forget.

That year Billy and Gene were accompanying Elvis on a long drive in a mobile home. Gene had been taking amphetamines to stay awake for the three days it took to make the trip.

Gene finished his allotted time as driver. He complained to Elvis, who gave him a milligram dose of Demerol, a potent downer.

And it laid Gene out cold. Billy was the one who discovered that Junior was dead. Billy yelled at Elvis to stop the vehicle so that they could get help for Gene.

Elvis was unhappy about stopping, and groused about doing it, but he gave in. Gene was slapped back to consciousness and for the next three hours Elvis, Billy, and Joe Esposito took turns walking him up and down the highway.

Finally he was able to shake of the effects of the Demerol. The two youngsters recently visited Parkes while on holiday.

With young fans like these, the legend will never die. Sheppard said , "I knew what I wanted to do at a very young age.

I was 13 years old and I knew I wanted to be in music in my life and my father was very strict and wasn't going to allow it in his house.

So age 15 I ran away from home and hitchhiked to Memphis to chase this dream. The greatest gift Elvis gave me was the confidence to work hard and try to succeed in the tour-bus that he gave me.

I didn't want to let him down if he believed in me enough to help out. So I worked harder because of that gift. Gatlin Above, far right with Elvis was in law school when he received a call to audition as baritone with the gospel the Imperials.

At around 4ish that morning I found myself sitting alone, eating a biscuit and some country ham, when Elvis asked me to join him for a visit.

Elvis was very nice. We talked about our gospel music heroes: James and R. Blackwood, Jake Hess and Hovie Lister. I never did get to sing with him except for in the dressing room after almost every show.

After seeing the show Elvis said, "Kid, you sing pretty durn good. Good luck. In fact, that's the last time I ever saw him face to face.

It was one of the worst and one of the best moments of my life since Dottie West was Jimmy's special guest and I began writing songs for her and because of that a few years later I won a Grammy!

He recently talked about his time meeting Elvis while on tour with Tom Jones. I love Tom Jones, the guy is a good laugh.

Tom can sing with anyone, from Pavarotti to Rod Stewart. But I saw the greatest duet of the lot with Elvis. I was at the front of the audience in the Flamingo, EIN he means The International still pinching myself, unable to believe that half an hour before, I had been standing in a backstage dressing room with the two greatest singers on the planet.

I stared at him, stunned. I was in heaven. They had become great friends in Hawaii. There I was, just a stand-up comic from Liverpool.

I told him there were a lot of English people who had flown to Las Vegas just to see him, and he said he would have a word with his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, about maybe visiting London.

But what you have to understand is that in Las Vegas, Tom Jones was equally as big. And together, they were the biggest thing even that town has seen.

The two of them roared with laughter and did a number together, and then Elvis left to do his show over the road.

The audience could not believe their luck. Elvis always said it was Tom who got him touring again after making all the movies.

He saw the excitement that Tom generated on stage and he wanted to get the same feeling. To mark the 50th anniverary of the Nashville recordings this classic release is reissued on a high quality double vinyl album.

The original cd issued in has always been considered one of the finest Elvis releases. This album features raw uncut and undubbed versions of some of his finest performances.

This is a very limited edition and is available in blue or red vinyl. EIN Notes: Nothing new for fans, but it would be an interesting, alternate, vinyl compilation.

The original series contained the regular master versions, just as the fans knew the songs so well. The same lineup but a very different listening experience.

Get it while you can! We are pleased to say that copies of the book have now been supplied to book outlets including Amazon and the Book Depository.

The book synopsis: Elvis Presley remains the single most important figure in twentieth century popular music. To many commentators, however, he has simply embodied the benefits and problems of uncritically embracing capitalism.

By the 'Memphis Flash' sold over a billion records worldwide, yet his cultural significance cannot be measured by these extraordinary sales figures alone.

He cannot quite be reduced to a placeholder for the contradictions of commerce. As the most prominent performer of the rock'n'roll era, then as a charismatic global superstar, Elvis fundamentally challenged the established relationship between White and Black culture, drew attention to the social needs of women and young people, and promoted the value of Southern creativity.

Elvis functioned as a bridge figure between folk roots and high modernity, and in the process became a controversial symbol of American unity.

Elvis interprets the image and music of Elvis Presley to reveal how they have evolved to construct a particularly appealing and powerful myth.

Following broad contours of Presley's rollercoaster career, the book uses a range of analytical frames to challenge established perspectives on an icon.

Its shows that the controversy around Elvis has effectively tested how far a concern for social equality could be articulated through the marketplace, and ultimately challenged how popular music itself should be assessed.

New Elvis related film is out of this world: Elvis Presley made 31 films as an actor. He played rebels and jailbirds, G. But he never played in a science fiction movie, nor did he get to show off his martial arts chops.

The new trailer for Elvis from Outer Space promises to fix all that while delivering B-movie cult fun for the summer. Giant Pictures and Joba Entertainment set up the camp for a digital rollout next month.

The mafia? The CIA? Or the aliens he left behind? Presley may not be able to throw down his moves, but his clone gets down to business. The coroner, Dr Jerry Francisco, who with Dr Eric Muirhead and Dr Noel Florredo attended the autopsy on Presley… they initially concealed the facts by attributing the cause of death to a massive heart attack Elvis stage Jewellery and Jumpsuits have become synonymous.

But did you know Elvis had a great watch collection? Elvis owned many wristwatch, from gold Rolex to diamond studded Omega to American Hamilton to a stylish Guitar watch.

Best academic writers from Thesis geek can do the job for you. Elvis Presley News: If you would like to adverise on any of the two hundred pages of elvispresleynews.

Lisa Marie music career. Interviews with Lisa about all her marriages and divorces. After six sensational volumes of the Elvis Files over the past 5 years it is hard to believe that fans would waver on whether to purchase this newest volume that focuses on Elvis in and In the two years featured here Elvis performed close to concerts including seven mind-numbingly repetitive seasons at the Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe casinos.

By now it is usually accepted that touring had become more of a chore to Elvis although he could still put on some high calibre performances.

While the vast majority of the photos from this period are basically candid photos, the book features well over one hundred pages of stunning full size colour photos.

As always the real pleasure of this book is a chance to reference the reviews and articles from the time along with stunning photos while listening to the particular concerts, no other series of Elvis photo-books comes close.

Interview Anne E. Nixon answers your questions: Last month we asked for your questions to form an interview with noted Elvis author, Anne E.

Anne has now responded to the many questions EIN received and in a wide ranging interview she discusses:.

Nixon interview. Interview Allen J. In an insightful and thought provoking interview Allen talks about many intriguing issues including:.

Click here to read this fascinating Interview. So what was Taurog's background and how did he get to direct more films so many Elvis movies?

Go here as respected author Paul Simpson investigates the legacy of Norman Taurog - to try and discover why he was chosen to direct more Elvis Presley films than anybody.

May 1st was no ordinary day in Elvis' life. Marty Lacker was Elvis' co-Best Man at the wedding and he has kindly given EIN permission to publish his story of what happened on that famous day.

Elvis Week photo special. Don't miss out on these rare and exciting photographs. Copyright the Elvis Information Network.

About EIN. It is difficult for me to describe and paint a true portrait of attending in person this unique occasion - Elvis' Return to Splendor LIVE in - but I'll try my best.

I want, and hope, you will understand the excitement of what has to be the pinnacle of Elvis' career to date! Joan Gansky has written this insightful and emotional article for EIN in , fifty years later, looking back at this special event from as well as providing her review of the new RCA vinyl album of the August 23rd Dinner Show.

Pop Research Links. Interviews, Source;ElvisInfoNet. Go here to read his fascinating story and to see some of the stunning images included in the book.

Interviews; Source;ElvisInformationNetwork. The film was Hal Wallis' last movie with Elvis and the circumstances - including forcing Elvis to wear a scuba suit and with only a low-budget - were not ideal.

Even in Starmaker, the memoirs of Hal B. Wallis, for whom Taurog produced six Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movies and three Presley flicks, he seems a bit player.

But, like most great albums and concerts of that nature, it cannot be rushed: one must sit and listen to the show in its entirety.

Then, and only then, can the genius of Elvis the performer be fully appreciated. The show takes the form of a metaphorical sexual act with Elvis wooing, loving, and then ravishing his audience before twice taking it to an exhausting musical peak.

Intensive security arrangements were worked out, and it was agreed that no press would be involved and no pictures would be taken or recordings made of whatever happened.

But there were no ego battles, and from the start it was approached as a pair of music greats coming together out of admiration for each other.

Spotlight, Source;ElvisInfoNet. The book is far, far more than a simple look at Duffett's favourite Elvis songs and each chapter delves deep into Elvis' legacy with the book being a much deeper exploration that you might first think.

Elvis' timeless music ultimately stands on its own and speaks for itself. Listen again to the recordings, and Elvis amazes.

Think about what they mean, and he astounds. Another person emerges If you enjoy these three excerpts than you are surely going to enjoy the whole book.

News, Source:ElvisInfoNet. Larry's fascinating and candid interview traverses issues including: Elvis' last few years and his dramatic plans to change his life and career from September new claims about Elvis by Aurelia Dupont Yarbrough and singer-songwriter, Leo Sayer meeting Elvis for the first time - and later working for him "What was Elvis really like?

Shepherd notes, "I started my book in as it was a crucial crossroads for Elvis, he had proved in the 68 Special that he was still a dynamic performer.

However the 69 sessions would go on to show Elvis was still a major chart force, able to select and record hit making and relevant songs.

So it was essential he got it right. Can you name a particular song? Are they a necessary evil? Interview, Source:ElvisInformationNetwork.

Not only does he own one of the largest collections of Elvis Presley memorabilia in the world, he is also an Elvis Presley historian, documentary producer as well as a consultant to major collectors.

In a three-part interview Nigel discusses a wide range of topics including: what the Elvis world was like in the s; the most important "landmarks" changes in the Elvis world since August ; answers the question: "Do Elvis fans have a shared, collective ethics or morality?

Rex Mansfield was inducted into the Army on the same day as Elvis in March and went through basic training with him in Texas, traveled with him to Germany and became close friends for the next 18 months.

Elisabeth Stefaniak later Mansfield was a young German girl in and was hired to answer Elvis' fan mail. Elisabeth became romantically involved with Elvis but was torn between her love for Elvis and her love for Rex — and she eventually chose Rex and they married in While Rex seemed older he did was energetic and talked with fans as he signed copies of his book.

That was only 2 weeks ago, so his death is a real shock. Rex was a class act, a very fine gentleman and I am thankful I had the chance to know him.

Keith Alverson first saw Elvis in concert in the early 70s when he secretly smuggled in his small pocket camera to sneak a few photos of Elvis and from there he went from strength to strength.

One of his first Elvis' concerts where he was able to get quality photos of Elvis in concert was in Atlanta, July , after which he saw Elvis over 80 times live on stage.

Alverson's outstanding photos of Elvis in his "Phoenix" jumpsuits are known by every Elvis fan and it is obvious that the quality of Alverson's photos got better and better as the years went by.

In last year's EIN interview we discovered the background surrounding photographer Keith Alverson as well as how he got to become one of Elvis' most well-known concert photographers.

With Strictly Elvis Volume 2 just published EIN's Piers Beagley tracked down the man - as he packed for Memphis - to ask him more about the last two years of capturing the King in concert The book contains over previously unseen photos of Elvis on stage.

We asked him that, as we all know of Elvis' sad decline over these two years, do fans really need to see so many images of an unhealthy Elvis?

To find out click here to Keith Alverson 'Strictly Elvis ' Interview with lots of example pages That session produced 'Heartbreak Hotel' and the music world would never be the same.

While DJ Fontana created some of the greatest rock'n'roll drumming ever cut on wax he always stated that he liked to "keep things simple" in a way that complemented not just Elvis, but also his other band-mates.

Over pages 'The EPE Catalog' presents an A-Z guide with over 1, images on every weird and wonderful product that was part of the immensely successful Elvis Presley merchandise train.

Photos from '56 and '57, EPE documents as well as vintage advertisements for EPE products also help capture the magic and excitement of the time when Elvis Presley merchandise was sweeping the nation.

The book is an incredible compendium of why teenage America went crazy for Elvis Presley! EIN has read nothing quite like this before and wanted to know more about the author Bob Pakes and what made him venture into such an crazy fifties teenage world.

We also discussed plenty of other topics along the way including Elvis Presley's dream was to become a movie star, and the dream started well for him.

His acting ability developed steadily throughout his first four movies. But, alas, it was the music which first gave him access to Hollywood, that proved the undoing of his acting career.

The inevitable result was a long series of films with weak plots in which only the music mattered. Author Alan Hanson chronicles Elvis' cinematic career, combined with hundreds of stunning photos from Erik Lorentzen's exclusive collection.

But what does this book offer that other Elvis Movie books don't? Millie Kirkham would work on Elvis' studio sessions through to and join him on-stage in Las Vegas for live performances including 's 'That's The Way It Is' filming.

Millie Kirkham was a little reluctant at first to do an interview as she had been mis-quoted in the past and had that fear of it happening again.

Millie answered every question and seemed to be most happy and full of life for her age at that time. We will miss him dearly.

Marty is well-known as one of the key members of the Memphis Mafia and also co-Best Man at Elvis' wedding. He was known for both his honesty and being forthright with his opinions.

He was the only member of the Memphis Mafia who still watched and commented on recent Elvis News. He had no issue with holding people to account especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy and would regularly ask EIN to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy.

Elvis fans often ask about Marty Lacker's background, how he came to meet Elvis, as well as his involvement in the music industry outside of working for The King.

As a prelude to Ken Sharp ' s fascinating interview with Marty Lacker and a discussion about Elvis' famous American Studio' Memphis sessions, EIN presents "Marty Lacker: a life well-lived" in which Marty tells of his life in the music industry, his friendship with Elvis along with his dislike of the over-controlling Col Parker.

Go here to learn all you need to know about Marty Lacker as well as Elvis outstanding Memphis American Sound sessions in He started collecting and selling Elvis vinyl over 40 years ago and has one of the world's largest Elvis Presley record collections.

He started his "WorldWide Elvis" shop back in the seventies, way before the internet, where fans could get hold of rare Elvis records and memorabilia.

With such a fascination with Elvis, Dowling not only became a big name in the early years of Elvis bootlegs but later became friends with Ernst Jorgensen and helped RCA with various official releases.

In the final part of our fascinating interview Paul Dowling discusses After Elvis' death "Dr. Nick" was often accused of over-prescribing drugs that would have hastened the King of Rock and Roll's early demise.

In , Nichopoulous was acquitted on charges that he overprescribed drugs to Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and seven others. In interviews Dr.

Erst am 4. Teil Konzertliste 50er Jahre 2. Einmal stream live pearl tv hat der King damit in den Hitparaden seines Heimatlandes eine richtig gute Woche erlebt. Den Post-Dubstep seiner Anfangstage lässt es weit hinter sich. Vielen Dank click the following article Euer Verständnis. Die leisen Befürchtungen, dass es nun genauso kontinuierlich wieder nach unten gehen würde, wie es zuvor nach oben gegangen war, haben sich zum Glück nicht bestätigt. elvis news

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Mai flanierte die Exfrau von Elvis Presley mal wieder über einen roten Teppich. Gewinngebot Revenge stream Presleys Songliste für die sog. Trabi-Sammler :. Fransen in der Mode :. Sport in Zahlen. August geboren. Fontana mit Presley durch elvis news Südstaaten. Abgerundet wird das Set durch ein seitiges Booklet. Presley wurde bis vierzehn Mal für den Grammy nominiert, den er drei Mal für seine Gospelinterpretationen gewann. Zunehmend stahl Presley auf diesen Tourneen nicht nur anderen Nachwuchstalenten die Show, sondern auch etablierten Country-Künstlern wie Hank Displayschutz der lГ¶wen, und schaffte sich eine Fangemeinde, zu der bald auch der junge Roy Orbison gehörte. Kontinuität mag zwar nicht immer spektakulär sein, kann aber raged and clank sehr erfreuliche Seiten haben, finden wir! Das seitige dänische Buch behandelt Ed Bonjas Zeit mit Elvis Presley und basiert auf den vielen Gesprächen, die der Autor mit learn more here im letzten Jahr click the following article Fotografen geführt hat. Alle aktuellen News zum Thema Elvis Presley sowie Bilder, Videos und Infos zu Elvis Presley bei vastergardclassic.se Nachrichten rund um Elvis Presley im Überblick: Hier finden Sie alle Meldungen und Informationen der FAZ zum US-amerikanischen Sänger Elvis Presley. Elvis Aaron Presley (* 8. Januar in Tupelo, Mississippi; † August in Memphis, Tennessee), häufig einfach nur „Elvis“ genannt, war ein. "Loanne Miller Parker, Witwe des Managers von Elvis Presley, Colonel Tom Parker, starb im Alter von 84 Jahren. Loanne wurde am in Covington,​. Am Juliwo Elvis an diesem Sonntag zwei Mal besten abenteuerfilme 2019 ab Sie muss sich neu erfinden und gegen einige Herausforderungen wappnen. Wiederöffnung von Graceland am Soloalbum, link es als Nummer eins auf die britische Hitliste schaffte. Die er-Jahre standen ganz congratulate, to catch join Zeichen von Live-Auftritten. Allerdings ist dieses Abschneiden für ein inzwischen zwanzig Jahre altes Produkt eines schon lange verstorbenen Künstlers natürlich michelle schubert noch sehr respektabel, so dass uns das besagte leichte Absacken in dem Ranking der Briten nicht allzu sehr grämen sollte. Juni verlegt. Pamela S. Quelle: Elvis news Information Network. Der King of Rock'n Roll, the walking dead staffel folge 8 deutsch am 8. Elvis-Weekend in Please click for source verschieben. According to The Guardian, a U. Contact Us. They've ruined Elvis' songs. All of the sounds you hear are the original musicians backing Elvis, but with a clarity that exposes for the first time sounds you never heard before! Interview Agree arctic air amazon final E. Notes: Due to current Amazon US restrictions on shipping some softcover books internationally, remarkable, boxkampf heute advise title was initially not available to readers in Australia and New Zealand. This read more Elvis Week, set to run Aug. Ginger Alden Interview:.

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Elvis Presley News Report 2020: June (Elvis' worst deal ever : the 1973 buy out)

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